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With over 30 years of combined experience in the Film, Beauty and Modeling industry, MGS was founded by make artist, Sylvia Lorraine,  she believes beauty shouldn't be complicated. Unlike some or most beauty boutiques or on demand make up services, we take a more personalized approach to your look. Our motto is "look before you buy". This allows you (the customer) to ask any important questions  directly with one of our Lead Make Artists which helps you pick the right look or service for your big day.  

Taking this approach gives us the ability to connect one on one with all of our customers which leads to a more seamless and pleasurable experience. Our entire staff is composed of seasoned professionals with multiple years of experience under their belt in every aspect of the beauty industry. Each vetted and hand picked to make sure the MGS name lives up to its reputation. 

Our motto is simple, and our service is even easier. Browse, Book, Beautify! 


about the founder

Sylvia Lorraine

 Miami Glam Squad LLC was founded by well-known makeup artist, Sylvia L. Constantin, whose talents have been engaged by many in the South Florida scene from South Beach to Palm Beach, to Naples and the Keys. In our organization, we have a passion to teach and create beauty, making people look and feel good, whether it just be for a Hot Date, Business/work-related event, or on location at a Movie Set, TV Show, Commercial, or at Fashion Shows, Halloween Parties, Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Proms, Charity Events or at other Special Occasions that mark milestones in their lives.

At an early age, Sylvia exhibited a natural propensity towards makeup artistry. At age 3, she began to enjoy putting makeup on herself, and by age 5, she continued this trend on other children. People remarked that she had already found her niche in society. Her love and knack for this skill confirmed Sylvia’s destiny. It was the artist and imagination in her that made her able to make the ordinary into the extraordinary, the blah into beautiful or bizarre, changing color, tint, shade and texture into various new states of creativity.

Finally, Sylvia decided to make what she truly loved into a professional career. She enrolled in the best makeup school in the U.S. (Joe Blasco Makeup School) where she became certified in Professional Makeup Artistry and Advanced Prosthetics. For the past 10 years, she has made a name for herself in the world of glamour, beauty, fantasy, and high fashion working with MAC, Estee Lauder, Makeup Forever, Motion Pictures, Commercial Productions, Fashion Shows, and countless Magazines. She is proficient in Special Effects, Temporary Removal of Permanent Tattoos, False Tattoo Application and Removal, Face and Body Painting, Creature Creation Application, and Old Age Makeup, etc.

Sylvia, throughout her career, has learned the value of collaborating and learning from other artists whether novice or seasoned. This turned into a passion for teaching her craft and creating a profound sense of confidence in others. However, the art of makeup was just one piece of the equation. Founding an organization that promoted a holistic approach to beauty artistry and wellbeing was not only a need in the industry but a vision for her future direction.  From this vision and collaborating with the right talent, Miami Glam Squad was born.


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