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Fashion Consulting

Fashion Consulting: 

Style Analysis

Not quite sure what your personal style is? Making a fashion statement but unsure if it’s the right one? Let us guide you on your quest to define your look. Her investigative closet consultation will shed light into your wardrobe and shopping needs while gaining an understanding of your unique style. Based on her diagnosis of your closet, let our fashion expert advice you on your wardrobe needs to keep you looking fierce and fresh. This includes styling options, a list of the best stores to buy new clothes and accessories, a look book with photos, and plenty of personalized fashion tips. Miami Glam Squad’s styling analysis will leave you with a fabulous confidence that comes from mastering your sense of style.

Wardrobe Therapy & Personal Styling

Has walking into your closet become a stressful experience? Are you taking too long to get ready because you “have nothing to wear” yet still seem to have your closet overflowing with clothes? Are you always wearing the same thing over and over again? Is getting dressed in the morning a depressing situation? If you answered yes, it’s time for a personal style intervention. Miami Glam Squad to the rescue! Let our stylist assess and organize your closet before you dash out and buy more of what you already have. We will evaluate your wardrobe and teach you to work with what you have, giving your clothes and accessories a fresh life and a new spin. Together you’ll decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to sell. After that, we will take your newly unearthed wardrobe gems and accessories and find new ways of pairing them with your old favorites; keeping you looking your most fashionable, all without dropping a dime on new duds. But be forewarned, that isn’t spinach in your teeth. After Miami Glam Squad styles you, everyone will be staring at you for how radiant you look in your chic ensembles.

Personal Shopping

Is walking into a mall your worst nightmare? Would you rather go to the dentist than go shopping? Not to worry, Miami Glam Squad lives for shopping and makes it fun. In fact, shopping for you is her second favorite thing to do (after shopping for herself). Services include special occasion shopping, complete wardrobe overhauls, vacation shopping, returns, or just about anything you can think of. You can shop with our stylist and learn a variety of tailored style tips on your budget, or you can hand her the reigns and relax while she handles the project solo.

Vogue Voyage

Hate to pack? Not an accomplished folder? Unsure what to take? Miami Glam Squad will pack your luggage for any trip, be it business or pleasure. She’ll include what you need for every phase of your journey without over-packing, and your suitcase will arrive at your destination organized and fashionably stocked. The only problem: you have to pack for your return trip on your own.